The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
1432 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
(502) 634-3100; Fax (502) 636-3096

To make a reservation at the Samuel Culbertson Mansion please fill out the form below.
Please check the availability for the dates of your stay first.

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The Annie Fellows Johnston Room:  $119
The Louisville Room:  $119
The East Room:  $129
The President's Room:  $139
The Little Colonel Suite:  $149
The General Lawton Suite: $149
The Knights of Kentucky Suite:  $189
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Use the form below for any special requirements, requests or comments. If you are booking several rooms for your party, please let us know the names and addresses of those who will be accompanying you, and which rooms they would prefer:


We will confirm your reservation by telephone or email within 24 hours.  We do not ask for a deposit, but we do ask that you leave us a credit card number to hold your room.  You will not be billed until you complete your stay, as long as you abide by our reservation and cancellations policies below.

Thank you very much.


Rooms are regular price through all special events except the Kentucky Derby. 

This page is not secure  Do not submit credit card infomation on this page. Instead call us or leave a phone number and we will call you for that information.

Reservation Policies   We do not normally ask for a deposit, but we do ask for a credit card number to hold your room.  A deposit may be requested during special events like the Kentucky Derby, the St. James Art Show, during major conventions or if you need a special guaranteed reservation.  During the time of some major conventions, we do have minimum stay requirements.   Walk-in guests are always welcome, as long as we have an available room.

Cancellations   We realize that last-minute problems can occur, and you may need to cancel your reservation.  Except during special events and major conventions, you will not be charged if you cancel 24 hours before your expected arrival.  During the off-peak season (November-March) you can cancel at any time up to our 3pm check-in, except for those special events and major conventions.  If travel circumstances occur beyond your control, such as a last-minute canceled flight, let us know as soon as possible and you will not be charged.  If you need to cancel after your expected check-in, and you let us know that day, you will be responsible for payment for your room, but we will issue a voucher at your request for use at another time.

We hate to have a cancellation policy at all.   Because some companies or groups routinely reserve large blocks of rooms, usually for special events -- while we turn down multitudes of individual travelers to hold those rooms -- and then want to cancel unneeded rooms at the last minute, the policy is necessary.  Especially for events and conventions, we will guarantee that your room will be available to you, and will not (as many hotels do) cancel your reservation, and will hold your room through any delay, if you guarantee to us that you need and will accept responsibility for charges for the room.  We hope you understand.

The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
1432 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
(502) 634-3100; Fax (502) 636-3096

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