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Major General Henry W. Lawton
"Uncle Henry" to the
Two Little Knights of Kentucky

Henry Lawton, as Captain and commander of B-Troop of the 4th U.S. Cavalry   is credited with the capture of the great Apache Chief Geronimo, September 1886.   It is most ironic, then, that Lawton, as a Major General, lost his life during the Spanish-American War on December 19, 1899,  to the forces of a Filipino General named . . . . . Licerio Geronimo. 


Portrait of Major General Henry W. Lawton, U.S.V., "Leader of the expeditions south and north of Manila
--against Santa Cruz and San Isidro"

by Frederic Remington
(From the cover of Harper's Weekly,
June  3, 1899)

Portrait by Remington of General Lawton on Horseback


McKinley and  His Generals in 1899

GenLawtonMedal.jpg (14691 bytes)

Commemorative medal from
the 1907 encampment of
the Grand Army of the Republic
showing the likeness of General Lawton

President McKinley and Generals Wheeler, Lawton, Shafter and Kister, 1899

A short biography, more pictures and Internet Links

All pictures and items from the Samuel Culbertson Mansion Collection

For more information & biography

Be Sure to see our Expanded sections on General Lawton!

Topics on General Lawton 
mostly from contemporary articles and papers
The General Lawton Photo  & Sketch Album


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Topics on General Lawton 
The General Lawton Photo  & Sketch Album
General Lawton, "Uncle Henry" to the Two Little Knights of Kentucky
General Lawton's Family
Lawton's Reception in Louisville, 1898

Death of General Lawton Dec 19, 1899 - Newspaper reports
(includes a longer biography)

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