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      The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
Louisville's Most Historic Inn

1432 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
502.634.3100;  866.522.5078 toll free

Culbertson Mansion Site Map

This site centers on our historic Bed and Breakfast home in Old Louisville.  The research on our house history, instead of being lost in a file cabinet somewhere, has found its way to the web, whether for research or just curiosity.  Topics include Samuel Culbertson, the Kentucky Derby, General Lawton and the Spanish American War.

The information on the Culbertson boys, who were well known throughout the country a century ago as "the Two Little Knights of Kentucky" was the seed that generated a complete new web site on Annie Fellows Johnston and the Little Colonel, which includes several complete books online.  The links for that site can be found below as well.

You'll a;sp find links to our lighting pages.  We've been repairing antique light fixtures for over a quarter of a century and now we offer an online catalog of our most commonly needed parts for antique chandeliers and lights, including prisms, bobesches, canopies, finials, and chandelier arms.

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History of the Culbertson Mansion

  • Home Page - an overview of the history of the mansion and its architecture
  • About Samuel Culbertson - Some notes on the first resident
  • Samuel Culbertson Timeline - timeline format for Sam and the Culbertson family and other historic notes.
  • Tally Ho!  One of Louisville's most famous Victorian photographs, shows the Culbertson family and guests preparing to depart for the 1897 Kentucky Derby
  • Detail of the Tally Ho! Shows enlargements of the people.  We are hoping that someone will email us with the identity of any of them!

General Henry Ware Lawton
(our distinguished "uncle" and "brother-in-law")

The Architect: William Channing Whitney

Annie Fellows Johnston and the Little Colonel:


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The President's Room
The Knights of Kentucky Suite
The Little Colonel Suite
The East Room
The Annie Fellows Johnston Room

The General Lawton Suite

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 The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
1432 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
(502) 634-3100;  (866) 522-5078 toll free
Fax (502) 636-3096


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