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Wedding of Samuel A Culbertson / Louise Craig

The Invitation


Mrs. Annie Craig
requests your presence
at the Marriage of her daughter
Samuel Alexander Culbertson
Tuesday Evening, April Sixth
at six o'clock
Pewee Valley



From The New Albany Ledger, 7 April 1886, page 4, Column 5

The marriage of Mr. Samuel A. Culbertson, Cashier of the First National Bank of this city, and Miss Louise Craig, took place Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock at the residence of the bride's mother at Pewee Valley, Ky, Rev. Dr. Reynard, of the Presbyterian church, officiating. The bride is a highly accomplished lady, very popular in society both at Pewee and Louisville. The wedding was very quiet, the invited guests numbering but seventy five. Mr. and Mrs. Culbertson left two hours after their marriage for New York, whence they sail Saturday for Europe. The bride wore a handsome toilet of white satin and tulle, the dress being entirely covered with the lighter material, giving the costume an exceedingly graceful appearance. Mr. Culbertson has a host of friends in New Albany who wish him bon voyage.



(The following is from the "Redden Scrapbook"  dated 7 April 1886.)

Craig - Culbertson

Last night, at the residence of the bride's mother, at Pewee Valley, Miss Louise Craig, a young lady well known, popular and an ornament to society was wedded to Mr. Samuel Culbertson, son of the wealthy W. S. Culbertson of New Albany. Both the contracting parties stand high in social circles. The wedding was a comparatively quiet one, only about seventy-five near friends being present. Rev. Mr. Raymond, Pastor of Pewee Valley Presbyterian Church, officiated. Mr. and Mrs. Culbertson left for New York immediately, after the ceremony. The bridal tour will go to Europe - The bride's costume was of white satin and tulle - The wedding was characterized by quiet elegance, and the bridal gifts were very costly.

Samuel A Culbertson Timeline

Main timeline

Samuel's father:
William S Culbertson of New Albany, IN and his three wives:
     Eliza Vance Culbertson
     Cornelia Culbertson
     Rebecca Keith Culbertson
William S Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, IN
Children of William Stuart Culbertson

About Samuel and his family:
1886 Wedding of Samuel A Culbertson / Louise Craig
Louise Craig Culbertson, wife of Samuel A. Culbertson
Samuel & Louise Culbertson's 1st house 1886
Telegram from Mrs. Sam Culbertson to the War Dept 1899
1918: Samuel Culbertson enlists in the army
Culbertson Family vacationing at Narragansett, 1928
Churchill Downs years



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 The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
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