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1918: Samuel Culbertson enlists in the US Army

(From the New Albany Tribune, 12 October 1918)

S. A. Culbertson Enters Army As A Private In Rank

Former New Albany Man Now Financier,
Capitalist and Broker in Louisville Enlists In Service

Samuel A. Culbertson, former New Albany business man, now Capitalist and Broker and leading citizen of Louisville Kentucky has enlisted as a private in the American Army. Although beyond the age limit for active service, Mr. Culbertson was able to show that his strong physical condition warranted his sacrifice of business interest. He will report for duty at Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla.
Mr. Culbertson already has two sons in the service and his enlistment to go as a private and learn the business of war from the ground up gives his family 100 percent.


Link to old postcards of Camp Johnston:


Samuel A Culbertson Timeline

Main timeline

Samuel's father:
William S Culbertson of New Albany, IN and his three wives:
     Eliza Vance Culbertson
     Cornelia Culbertson
     Rebecca Keith Culbertson
William S Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, IN
Children of William Stuart Culbertson

About Samuel and his family:
1886 Wedding of Samuel A Culbertson / Louise Craig
Louise Craig Culbertson, wife of Samuel A. Culbertson
Samuel & Louise Culbertson's 1st house 1886
Telegram from Mrs. Sam Culbertson to the War Dept 1899
1918: Samuel Culbertson enlists in the army
Culbertson Family vacationing at Narragansett, 1928
Churchill Downs years



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 The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
1432 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
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