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      The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
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Children of William Stuart Culbertson

On February 19, 1840.  William Stuart Culbertson marries Eliza Vance (born 1822) of Corydon, IN.  They will eventually have eight children including Samuel Culberson, their youngest:

Children of William Stuart Culbertson and Eliza Vance Culbertson

William Arthur Culbertson is born (birth date unknown.).  William will become a banker in St. Paul, Minn. and will live until June 1885

John Vance Culbertson is born in March.  He will die in August the same year

Mary Julia Culbertson is born in January.  She will die September 29, 1867, unmarried.

Frances Stuart Culbertson is born in February.  She will die in August 1851.

Charles Stuart Culbertson is born in April.  He will live until February 26, 1901, unmarried.

Joseph Simpson Culbertson is born in November.  He will live until March 1904, unmarried.

Anna Vance Culbertson is born July 24.  She will live until April 8, 1910.  She married Frank B Semple of Minneapolis, Minn.

Samuel Alexander Culbertson is born August 15.  He will live until December 11, 1948.   We will say no more about him here except that he is the much the subject of our web site.


On January 3, 1865. Eliza Culbertson dies of typhoid pneumonia, leaving 5 motherless children ages 6mo to 18 years. 
On January 10, 1867, William Stuart Culbertson remarries Cornelia Warner Eggleston, a widow from Evansville, IN.  Together they will have two more children.

Children of William Stuart Culbertson and Cornelia Eggleston Culbertson

Walter Stewart Culbertson is born in November, but dies August 1868 during a cholera epidemic.

Blanche Warner Culbertson is born in September.  She will become New Albany's famous "Scandalous Blanche". 


On October 18, 1880, Cornelia Culbertson dies.  William S Culbertson eventually remarries again.  His third wife was another widow,  the former Mrs. Rebecca Keith Spears Young of Paris, KY.  They will have no children together.  WS Culbertson will die in June, 1892.  Rebecca will live another 30+ years.


Samuel A Culbertson Timeline

Main timeline

Samuel's father:
William S Culbertson of New Albany, IN and his three wives:
     Eliza Vance Culbertson
     Cornelia Culbertson
     Rebecca Keith Culbertson
William S Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, IN
Children of William Stuart Culbertson

About Samuel and his family:
1886 Wedding of Samuel A Culbertson / Louise Craig
Louise Craig Culbertson, wife of Samuel A. Culbertson
Samuel & Louise Culbertson's 1st house 1886
Telegram from Mrs. Sam Culbertson to the War Dept 1899
1918: Samuel Culbertson enlists in the army
Culbertson Family vacationing at Narragansett, 1928
Churchill Downs years



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 The Samuel Culbertson Mansion
1432 South Third Street
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