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Samuel Culbertson and Family Timeline

These pages are mostly for our reference on the history of the family and the mansion.  This page is relatively new, so if you're really interested in this man or this family please check back again, as so far here is contained only a small portion of our material.  

Also see our genealogy page


February 4. William S. Culbertson, Samuel's father, is born in New Market, Pennsylvania.


February 19.  W S Culbertson marries Eliza Vance (born 1822) of Corydon, IN.  They will eventually have eight children including Samuel Culberson, their youngest.


William Stuart Culbertson begins to build a magnificent mansion in New Albany, Indiana.  It is completed about 1869.


August 15.  Samuel Alexander Culbertson is born in New Albany, IN to William Stuart Culbertson and Eliza Vance Culbertson


January 3. Eliza Culbertson, Sam's mother,  dies of typhoid pneumonia, leaving 5 motherless children ages 6mo to 18 years

October 26: Louise Craig, Samuel's future wife, is born in Pewee Valley, KY. 


January 10. Sam's father remarries Cornelia Warner Eggleston, a widow from Evansville, IN.  Together they will have two children. Cornelia was born August 27, 1832 in Pennyan, NY.


January 21. Sam's father buys the property next door to his mansion, known as "the Whitehill tract" from John B and Reunia B Whitstandley.


October 18, Cornelia Culbertson, Sam's stepmother, dies


July 14. Sam is elected cashier of the First National Bank in New Albany, thus one of the youngest cashiers of any bank it's size in the country.  He held that position at least until 1892.

(or early 1885) William S Culbertson marries widow Rebecca Keith Spears Young of Paris, KY.  The couple honeymoons with a five month grand tour of Europe.


April 6.  Sam Culbertson marries Louise Craig at the bride's home, Edgewood, in Pewee Valley. Like Sam's father & his new wife, the couple honeymoons in Europe.

May-December.  Construction of a new home for Sam and Louise in New Albany next to father William on the land purchased in 1870.  It was a wedding present from the father to the newlyweds, though father keeps ownership of the property.  They move in that winter. 


August 27.  Born Saturday morning, to the wife of Mr. S. A. Culbertson, Cashier of First National Bank, a son. (From the New Albany Ledger, Monday, 29 August 1887).  This son is named William Stuart Culbertson after his grandfather.


June.  Son Louis is born to Sam and Louise. He dies in infancy.


April 18.  Son, Alexander Craig Culbertson is born to Sam and Louise.


June 25. William S Culbertson, Samuel's father, dies.

June 29. Probation of William S Culbertson's last will and testament.

That year Sam becomes president of the First National Bank of New Albany and is president of the New Albany Fair Association


May 10-11. Samuel performs at the New Albany Opera House the role of Lord Pish Tush in the Gilbert & Sullivan opera, The Mikado to good reviews.  

Early June. "Mr. Samuel A. Culbertson, President of the First National Bank of this city, has been elected a director of the Union Trust Company, Indianapolis."  (From the New Albany Ledger, Saturday, 9 June 1894)


March 6. Newspaper announces that Sam purchases land on Louisville's fashionable Third Avenue.  A mansion is to be constructed on the site.

December 3. Sam deeds his old home and property in New Albany to Dr. John Hazelwood.


Winter (possibly late December 1896):  Sam, Louise and the two boys move into their new home in time to entertain for the 23rd running of the Kentucky Derby.


Early November. The Culbertson's host and entertain General Henry W Lawton, the, famed Indian fighter and  "Hero of El Caney"  He happens to be married to Mrs. Culbertson's sister.


Two Little Knights of Kentucky is published. Samuel's sons are the models for namesakes of the book.

December 16.  General Lawton is killed in in the Battle of San Mateo in the Philippines, which causes great consternation in the Culbertson household.  Mrs. Culbertson's sister's husband is the only American general to fall in battle during the Spanish American War.  The man who captured the Apache chief Geronimo in 1886 is mortally wounded by a sharpshooter under the command of a Philippine insurgent general named Licerio Geronimo.


Mrs. Lawton moves to Louisville with her children, takes a house around the corner at 1511 S. Fourth St.

Rebecca K. Culbertson, Samuel's stepmother, moves into a home on Third Avenue (#1508) in Louisville while her own new mansion is being constructed.


Mrs. Lawton moves to Pewee Valley where she has built a new home, "The Beeches," with funds from a national subscription made up of donations by schoolchildren.  Annie Fellows Johnston publishes "The Little Colonel's Holidays"  and the story is set largely in our Old Louisville neighborhood and Mrs. Lawton's 1900 home here.

Rebecca K. Culbertson, Samuel's stepmother, moves into her new mansion on 4th Avenue (#1469) in Louisville where she will live until her death in 1924.  This house is just behind Samuel's home and down the alley a short way.  She and Samuel remain close friends throughout her life.


Samuel is president of Louisville's prestigious Pendennis Club 1902-1903


November 9. Samuel's son William marries Effie Bagnell.  Marriage ends in divorce in February 1920.


Sam begins his own brokerage business


Sam's son Craig reputed to be the 2nd person from Louisville to enlist for service in WWI.


Oct. 11.  Sam enlists in the Army as a Private  at age 54

Nov. 11  World War I ends, soon ending Sam's military service.


Samuel is on the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Jockey Club (Churchill Downs).  Serves until 1928, when he becomes president.


April. Samuel's son William is vice-president of the Louisville Packard Motor Co.


April. Samuel's son William marries Theresa Lee White.  It is a second marriage for both of them.


March 24. Samuel is elected President of Churchill Downs, serves 1928-1937

Summer. The family on vacation at Narragansett.


Conceives the Kentucky Derby Garland of Roses and commissions florist Edith Walker for its design.


Kentucky Derby winner Burgoo King receives the first Garland of Roses


February 12.  Samuel's son William dies of pneumonia at his home in Los Angeles, where he had been living for 3 years.  Samuel flew to Los Angeles the same day. William was survived by wife Paula.  Buried at Cave Hill on Feb 18.  William had no children.  Samuel's son Craig is living in New York.


Samuel becomes Chairman of the Board of Churchill Downs & Latonia Jockey Club.  Serves until his death in late 1948.


September 10.  Sam's wife Louise dies at their summer home at Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts.  Buried at Cave Hill on Sept. 13.


December 10. Was working at his office at the Kentucky Home Life Building in apparent good health

December 11.  Dies at home of a heart attack, age 86. Funeral held at home followed by burial at Cave Hill on December 13.



Presbyterian, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Warren Memorial Presbyterian Church
Director of the Columbia and Fidelity Trust Company
Director of the Citizens Union National Bank
Director of the Federal Chemical Company
Director of the J.B. Speed Art Museum
Financier, Broker & Capitalist

       Louisville, KY:  Pendennis Club
       Louisville, KY:  Salmagundi Club
       New York City: Brook Club
       New York City: Tennis & Racquet Club
       Manchester, MA: Essex Country Club  


Samuel A Culbertson Timeline

Main timeline

Samuel's father:
William S Culbertson of New Albany, IN and his three wives:
     Eliza Vance Culbertson
     Cornelia Culbertson
     Rebecca Keith Culbertson
William S Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, IN
Children of William Stuart Culbertson

About Samuel and his family:
1886 Wedding of Samuel A Culbertson / Louise Craig
Louise Craig Culbertson, wife of Samuel A. Culbertson
Samuel & Louise Culbertson's 1st house 1886
Telegram from Mrs. Sam Culbertson to the War Dept 1899
1918: Samuel Culbertson enlists in the army
Culbertson Family vacationing at Narragansett, 1928
Churchill Downs years



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